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Gentlemen Coin

According to confucianism Gentlemen are expected to act as moral guides to the rest of society:

  • cultivate themselves morally

  • participate in the correct performance of ritual

  • show filial piety and loyalty where these are due

  • cultivate humaneness

It's not easy to be a Gentleman. The outlined code of conduct requires best education and manners. That's why we are creating Gentlemen coin - a Cryptocurrency for those, who value not only best manners, but also celebrate and enjoy the nice things in life.

Be it to enjoy a glass of wine, a cigar amongst friends or bringing your woman to the fine dining place, Gentlemen Coin is there to empower you being a true Gentlemen. 

Gentlemen coin is an open source, community run network, featuring instant and private payments. We believe that Gentlemen thrive when they can connect and trade freely. Gentlemen Coin uses advanced decentralized blockchain technology to solve major problems for our global community.


Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice.




Q2 & Q3 2018

Research & Development ✔
Release of Website ✔
Release of Gentlemen Coin 1.0 ✔
500 community members ↻
Gentlemen Coin trading on 1-3 exchanges ↻
Gentlemen Coin team established ↻
Release of Whitepaper V1.0 ✔
Masternode Presale ↻

Q4 2018

Windows, iOS & Linux wallets ↻
2000 community members ↻
Grow marketing plan and team ↻
Launch Decentralized governance ✔
Launch Community forum ↻
Launch Governance proposals ✔
Establish Foundation
1000 Masternode milestone

Q1 2019

Release updated Whitepaper 2.0
Revise Roadmap and vision
Website development blog
Digital banner marketing campaign
Establishment of Gents offices
Gents team building


There will be only 5 million Gentlemen Coins created over the course of many decades, making this one of the most scarce electronic commodities.

Maturity: 30 blocks
Confirmations: 6
Target Block-Time: 2 minutes / block
Difficulty Re-Target: 4 blocks
Mining Algo: Quark

Premine: 9% - used for dev team, bounty campaigns, marketing and initial promotion of the coin.

Masternode Collateral: 2000 Gents

Block Rewards

Gentlemen Coins in Circulation (Prediction):

End of Month 1    =>  882'000 (including 450'000 Premine)
End of Month 2    =>  1'270'800
End of Month 3    =>  1'616'400
End of Month 4    =>  1'918'800
End of Month 5    =>  2'178'000
End of Month 6    =>  2'394'000
End of Year 1 =>  2'869'200
End of Year 2 =>  3'128'400


Block 0            => 20 Gents
Block 21600     => 18 Gents
Block 43200    => 16 Gents
Block 64800    => 14 Gents
Block 86400    => 12 Gents
Block 108000   => 10 Gents
Block 129600   => 8 Gents
Block 151200   => 6 Gents
Block 172800   => 4 Gents
Block 194400   => 2 Gents
Block 216000 till forever  => 1 Gent

Reward Split

Masternode Rewards: 70%
PoW (Mining) Rewards: 20%
Community Budget Rewards: 10%

ZeroCoin and Community Budget => Start after Block 200

After Block 129601 (ca. 6 Months) Gentlemen Coin will become a pure PoS Coin - PoW (Mining) will change to Staking algo with a "fair" split between Miners and Masternodes.



Masternodes are the "behind the scene" workers within the Gentlemen Coin Network. They are responsible for ultra fast transaction-confirmations and get rewarded for the work they do. 70% of all block rewards are paid out to masternodes. The Block rewards are split according to the number of Masternodes in the network (assuming Block Reward = 20):



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All trading strategies are used at your own risk.

Required collateral for running a Masternode: 2000 Gents

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